October 11, 2017

Ceramic Clocks by George Nelson For Vitra

  • Ceramic Clocks by George Nelson For Vitra

The Ceramic Clocks combine geometric and organic shapes in a way that is both playful and sculptural, evoking associations with three-dimensional works by artists like Constantin Brancusi or Isamu Noguchi. For unknown reasons, the Ceramic Clocks were never produced in series, though designed and developed in full detail in the early 1950s. On the basis of the original plans and prototypes, Vitra has produced a new edition of the Ceramic Clocks in porcelain, finished in a variety of colored glazes and equipped with a modern quartz movement. These cheerful table clocks are available in three versions. Fan Clock, 1948 – 1960 The Fan Clock is Vitra's latest addition to the extensive collection of George Nelson wall clocks in its portfolio. Designed with twelve three dimensional tapered elements made of cherry wood, the shape of the clock not only resembles a fan but also conjures up floral associations. Created from natural materials, it is a charming addition to any interior. The Fan Clock is equipped with a high quality quartz movement and, like all other Nelson wall clocks, also represents a refreshing alternative to conventional wall timepieces.