• Baxter
An intuition transformed into a winning concept was the force that breathed life into the unique, anachronistic world of Baxter. It all began in the traditional tanning areas of Italy, where ancient skills are still engaged today by master craftsmen to transform hides into pieces of leather with a unique appearance, softness and texture. The process is characterised by phases in which the materials are worked manually, where experience and culture are the essential elements that allow Baxter to manufacture a prestigious leather, the symbol of its excellence. Our leather has a soul: it is a living product that must be handled gently. Its small apparent imperfections 
are unique values that cannot be reproduced. These values are enhanced by the passing of time, witch makes each product a diary of life of those who use them. Each piece of furniture is accompanied by a set of specific products, a "beauty treatment" intended to preserve the beauty of the covering leathers. Made with great care and passion by our master craftsmen, each product has its own history, which starts with a hide and ends with a design. Today, we still use our skills and experience to produce little works of art by hand, as this is the only way we can ensure of dedicating the attention required in order to reach perfection in every detail.