• Bolia
No one lives like you !   “Let’s start at the beginning. We make furniture. But we’re not an ordinary furniture company. We’re a design company that puts creativity at the heart of everything that we do. Our ever growing stable of young award winning designers put their hearts and souls into the creation of our unique collections, brimming with originality, personality and innovation. There are thousands of choices and we’re sure you’ll find something to fall in love with. Our furniture is made to order. We have no big warehouses and no old stock. We only have perfectly tailored items customized to your personal taste. Handmade and delivered, straight to your door. Our European and Danish suppliers hand make every single design from the finest materials such as solid wood, wool, metallics, marble, leather and love, paying perfect attention to detail when realizing our designers visions. Even the price tag is handcrafted for perfection. When you visit our stores we will tingle all your senses, sight, smell, sound, touch and taste, with inspirational lookbooks, fresh soundtracks, beautiful fragrances refreshments and of course the best of New Scandinavian Design. We are a design hungry, international home furnishings company with humble Danish beginnings, but with grand international ambitions. Since opening our first showroom in 2000, we have evolved to a fully integrated chain of design stores based around an innovative digital web shop concept. We have a raft of physical stores in both Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany and an ambitious expansion plan ahead of us. The Bolia Design Team develops around 200 new home furnishing designs every year and throughout autumn and spring we introduce our new inspiring collections. ln addition to that, our collection of furniture and life styles products is available for all European markets in our online shop, and sold in exclusive design stores around the world. We put creativity and positivity at the core of everything we do, and we cannot wait to show you where that takes us. We believe that not only does high quality mean developing great products for our customers, but also that our customers should recognise us as a good and trustworthy company.   Taking responsibility for how the environment and people around us are affected by our company activities is an important part of our daily operations, and for our future development. We are constantly finding new areas for both major and minor improvements, but we are on the right track and believe that every little bit count.”