Serpentine is a stainless steel garden shower with an attractive and practical design. Its added value is reflected in the feather-light construction which provides very easy mobility in the garden: you really can place the Serpentine shower wherever you want. The adjective 'serpentine' refers to the curve of a serpent, a snake, and in the case of our outdoor shower, it is only an extension of a watering hose. Form follows function!
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Dirk Wynants founded his company Extremis in 1994. He is still the full owner and president of the board of directors, but gives priority to designing and art direction. Next to that he is managing director of his own design studio Dirk Wynants Design Works (founded in 2006). Dirk established Extremis for the realization of his own designs. The Gargantua garden table was his first ever Extremis p ...
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