On The Rocks

Spacious and completely free of any rigid structure. The silhouettes molded by hand in a proprietary blend of Gellyfoam® and other foams provide amazing coziness. Four independent seats in different geometric shapes, three polygons and a quadrilateral, can be combined freely. Two flexible backs can be positioned as desired to amplify the pleasure of the possible configurations. Maximum modularity. Intrinsic characteristic that makes On the Rocks adaptable to different environments, transformable according to the occasion. An invitation to use elementary principles of geometry with great freedom and imagination, made possible by the different sizes and cuts. Free positioning of the backrests enables the simultaneous use by multiple people, even sitting in opposite directions. Inside the back sare hidden a ballastand a spine that allow them to remain stable in place.
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Director of Cesare Cassina Centre from 1969 up to 1975. Art Director of Cassina from 1973 up to 1990. Working with Edra since 1992. From 1967 up to 1980 he created a series of drawings that formed the analogical basis of his research. At the Cesare Cassina Centre he transferred the artistic process into design research and involved various architects and designers in the creation of products (up ...
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