The Old Shabby leathers only undergo manual padding with special coloured waxes, giving depth to the leather thanks to the characteristic bicolour point effect. The characteristic signature effect of the waxes must therefore be appreciated and welcomed, even if with the use of a slightly damp soft cloth its initial appearance can be restored. The extremely natural effect of this product means it is highly sensitive to light. The wax used for buffing means that it is impossible to test the surface for colour fastness to light in accordance with the above standards.
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Straightforward, a dreamer and eclectic: her mind and soul are a combination of flavours and colours of the south of the world – known, loved and lived – together with the taste and forms of the West, rich in traditions, open and continuously in movement. All of this produces her untiring curiosity in her search for matters and materials, forms and structures. In her search for the present, the pa ...
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