Large sofa inspired by the 18th century English style. Cozy, capable of changing its layout repeatedly thanks to the five elements that make up the armrests and backrests. The casual appearance hides a sophisticated engineering of organic inspiration that ensures smooth movements. The upholstery shows sartorial excellence, as it is created to accommodate smoothly the various changes of positions. Many sofas into one thanks to the flexibility of the backrests and armrests. Soft and supple, at the same time supportive and robust. Low back as in the classical model, or high and enwrapping. New heights of comfort and functionality are achieved with coverings studied for its ability to move.
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Director of Cesare Cassina Centre from 1969 up to 1975. Art Director of Cassina from 1973 up to 1990. Working with Edra since 1992. From 1967 up to 1980 he created a series of drawings that formed the analogical basis of his research. At the Cesare Cassina Centre he transferred the artistic process into design research and involved various architects and designers in the creation of products (up ...
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