Tatlin Diamond

This collection mixes the purity of crystal with design excellence. Born from a collaboration with Swarovski, the Austrian company leading producer of cut crystal, is a collection dedicated to those who appreciate luxury and sensuality. The first piece, Flap Diamond, was produced in 2001: a Flap studded with 750 thousands Swarovski crystals. In 2005, other pieces were born: Getsuen e Tatlin Diamond, that suddenly sparkled with Swarovski crystals. Each piece is “signed” by the brands of both companies, etched on a metallic label: a guarantee of authenticity and uniqueness for true objects of desire.
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Born in Rimini in 1958, and gained his degree in Architecture in 1985 at Florence University with a thesis in motorcycle design. Roberto Semprini was born in Rimini in 1959 and studied architecture in Florence. Mario Cananzi. In 1989 he obtained his Master's Degree in Industrial Design from the Domus Academy in Milan. Free-lance designer in Milan works with Edra, Vittorio Bonacina, Sawaya & Moro ...
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