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It’s good to live one’s couple life thoroughly.

Anytime anywhere surrounded by these objects we live within and that interact with everything we do.
Let yourself go and encompass your life with a design environment.

This will add to your existence quality and will bring happiness and satisfaction unto you.
Look for quality, find it and live within it.

This is why we have elaborated our wedding list program “Vivre à 2”

Vivre À 2 Benefits

  • With our new prices alined with Europe's, for every 1$ in your account get 1.2 $ worth of goods
  • "Vivre à 2" benefits are applicable on goods purchased from Vivre’s main showroom in Antelias-Dbayeh, Kartell Flagship Store in Saifi & Baxter Beirut Flagship Store in Saifi or any other upcoming stand alone store under Vivre flag.
  • Complimentary interior design consultancy
  • Cash back programs available on case by case basis
  • Payment can be online through our secured portal as well as cash at the stores.

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