About Us

Every Vivre product has a story behind it
An interior filled with objects that make us happy, reminds us of where we've been, who we've loved and what our lives have been like. It also helps us aspire for more.

Creating a home that tells the story of who we truly are is the best kind of interior. These are the interiors that are created with personality and style. Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your home becomes your story.

Vivre is our home. Each and every Vivre product tells a different and unique story. A story of classic designs, craftsmanship, timeless pieces, durability, functionality, elegance, creativity and innovation.

Vivre, established in 1994, is a high-end retail store representing contemporary designer brands ranging from furniture; home, office, outdoor, kitchen, restaurant, hotel and other public spaces to lighting and home ware accessories.

Vivre’s main showroom of 2,800sqm in Antelias, is a bouquet of over 50 of the most refined and selective furniture brands on a multi-brand platform, over a 3 level space of inspiration. Every summer our rooftop terrace transforms into an open-air showroom for our outdoor furniture.

Vivre operates as well, a 300sqm Kartell flagship store in Saifi, Downtown Beirut. Iconic and new pieces constantly radiate with colorful beams of luxurious elegance and transparency.

Vivre’s latest addition is a 600sqm Baxter Beirut flagship store in the heart of Beirut on Al-Arz street in Saifi. Its distinguished set up, fully dedicated to Baxter’s high-end furniture and accessories, creates a dynamic and inspirational space that offers the ability to envision and select materials for prime handcrafted award-winning furniture.

Our company has forged ahead over the years a clear leading position in the market through the supply of our products on a brand/solution platform. Be it retail or public, each sector is carefully tackled by specialized people for the better serving of different needs and demands.